Friday, February 29, 2008

Fifteen Minute Malaware Analysis

1. VMWARE Workstation or VMWARE Server (Sever=free)
2. Windows 2000 (Small$)
3. TextScan - Free (by AnalogX)
4. PtfinderFE - Free (PTFINDER by Andreas Schuster and Front-End by Richard McQuown)
5. LSPM (SourceForge)- Free (by Harlan Carvey)

1. Create a VMWARE Windows 2000 Machine. Keep the RAM 256 MB or less (Saves Processing Time).
2. Start VMWARE 2000 Machine. Pause the machine.
3. Place a copy of the .VMEM file into a folder called "Baseline".
4. Restart your machine and add your virus. I like to run the virus from the desktop.
5. Pause your machine and place your .VMEM file into a new folder called "Infected".
6. Restart your machine. Now recycle your machine power(Turn it off and back on).
Pause your machine again and place your last .VMEM file into a folder called "Stop_and_Start".
7. Now point PTFINDERFE at the three .VMEM Files in the "Baseline", Infected" and "Stop_and_Start" Folders.
8. Review the Output JPEG image. and find your virus Process PED. Get the PED(0x#########).
9. Run LSPM using PED from Step 8.
10. Run TextScan at the LSPM created Image file.
11. Review the TextScan Text and find your gold.

Friday, February 22, 2008

“Lest We Remember: Cold Boot Attacks on Encryption Keys"

Seems like a team of Princeton students have put together a very well done website, research paper (pdf) and video regarding acquiring RAM. The jist of these items shows: Information stays in RAM after power loss and then degrades, cooling DRAM Chips will help prevent the decay of volatile memory and keys to Full Disk Encryption can be obtained by capturing RAM.

The online community has definitely weighed in:
Slashdot Replies: Over 300 Comments Over 121 Comments
I even received an email message from Multimedia Forensics regarding this new information.

I think my prior blogpost regarding the “Guillotine Method” of RAM Acquisition is the perfect twin to their basic premises except the Guillotine Method is really a “HOT Boot”.

SO at least I can say, “…I remembered... RAM Capture can be Valuable to Forensic Examiners””