Friday, November 2, 2007

RAM Enscript Download

Download RAM Enscript (SourceForge)



1. Enscript is in BETA and still evolving!
2. VISTA Process Search String might not collect all processes (still researching to find out what is missed. An estimate of how many are found- probably 90-95% Solution AS IS.)

Known Bug

1. Microsoft Windows XP 2003 Edition is SP1 (Version 5.2600) reports as XPSP2 so check your findings

Caution- Caution-Caution-Caution-

Be Careful Not to Overwrite Your Default Enscripts --- the Best Plan is to Copy Your Enscripts Prior to Using the Ram Analysis Enscript and to run this Enscript form another location (like CD-ROM Drive )

This Script Does Not Play Well with Other Enscripts Because I have Modified Some of the Common Files………………You Are Warned……….


Anonymous said...

the download is not working

ForensicZone said...

Fixed- Thank-you