Friday, October 16, 2009

Walk-Through: Volatility Batch File Maker and Volatility's VadDump

*********** The First 5 Steps are exactly the same as my last posted regarding Walk-Through: Volatility Batch File Maker and Volatility's ProcDump. The Walk-through Portion is repeated here for future discussions. Skip if applicable.******************

1. Download the following files from Hogfly (Website)

In my example I placed the files in e:\exemlar6\ directory

2. Add the downloaded files together and Extract with the following cmd prompt code:

Copy /b “exemplar6.tar.gz.001”+ “exemplar6.tar.gz.002”+” exemplar6.tar.gz.003” exemplar6.tar.gz

3. Extract using WinRAR (exemplar6.tar.gz to exemplar6.vmem)

4. Run PtfinderFE against extracted file(exemplar6.vmem) which creates exemplar6.txt

5.Run Volatility Batch File Maker.
-a. Select e:\exemlar6\xemplar6.vmem with “Browse for Memory Capture”.
-b. Select e:\exemlar6\exemplar6.txt (created by PtFinderFE) for your memory image with “Browse for Offset Text File”.
-c. Create Batch (Which is hidden until the previous listed fields are populated).

6. .Goto the directory containing exemplar6.vmem (e:\exemlar6\) and run e:\exemlar6\vaddump.bat file.

7.Browse the e:\exemlar6\vaddump folder.(The following images is a truncated view of the vaddump directory's content):

8. Drop the entire vaddump directory and the original exemplar6.vmem into ENCASE (or your forensic tool of choice).

9. Hash all the files (Search>Calculate hash value).

10. Compare Hash Values. First you will notice some duplicated hash values between VAD files from different processes. I believe this shows that there is possibility of some type of relationship between the different processes. Look at the three files with the hash of 2defb57866392bd7145b3b85894d3a4a


In my last post atsxyzd.sys, dxonool32.sys and dw8.exe were identified as suspected malware.

Now look at the VAD contents that are the same for all three files. The following is a text tepresentation(truncated)of the similar VAD Files (Hash:2defb57866392bd7145b3b85894d3a4a):

Client UrlCache MMF Ver 5.2··€···P··€···U········Äý······ø······················CLUBCLEZ

We can then create search words out of CLUBCLEZ, KPAN45MJ, 0HEN0X2F and WTE74L2Z(which look like they might be folder names used by Internet Explorer). For every hit in the VAD files there is a hit in the original VMEM File. There is one additional hit in the VMEM file for each search term which we would then try and figure out.

11. Create search term like “http://” and go “cherry picking” you can find a lot of IP Addresses in the suspected malware. It is very easy to find the context to your search hits just by looking at the file they are located in.

There is approximately 107 megabytes of VAD files (without duplicates). The total size of the original VMEM is 256 megabytes. That is 2/5 context provided for this dump file. In less then 6 minutes.

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